Sunday, December 12, 2010

Moonrays 91225 Verona Style Solar Powered Plastic Path Light, Black, 10 Pack

CCI Moonrays 91225 Solar Powered plastic path light verona style, 10-Pack, black. This set of 10-path light fixtures helps to illuminate any area that needs added safety. They nicely mark the edge of a driveway or sidewalk, garden steps or swimming pool perimeter. The black plastic fixtures have one white LED and cast a soft glow, blending into the landscape of any home. Fixtures have durable plastic construction for longevity in all weather conditions.

Technical Details

  • Durable plastic construction
  • Rechargeable AA NiCd battery (Included)
  • 10-Lamps per package
  • White LEDs
  • 10-1/2-inch above ground height
What People Are Saying About These Outdoor Lights

The 10" inch stake perfect for setting in container plants.
Very aesthetic, very well constructed, easily assembled and the higher stake a bonus.

3 of the 10 now buried in neighbor's front yard [at bottom of porch steps] to 'highlight' thick tree roots coming up. A safety measure for mail carrier and us. Don't really care if they don't burn all night as no one should be in these two yards after 10pm.

Remaining seven in large container plant pots this yard. Rec'd 5 days after placing order. As always Amazon's great expediency of orders. Well packed in Mfg. box so 'Out of box-assembled and into place outdoors within 1.5 hrs.'
[Less time if no dog looking for his treat from the truckman]

All ten light up brightly during [indoor] test as soon as battery strip removed as instructions say. There is a ticket that says let them 'sun charge 8 hrs'

Since some are in the shade - will be able to easily remove tops and set on table to get full sun to charge.

These pix for now - may try night ones later - 

Updated Info.
On the set I received, all worked, so far. I fully charged all the batteries before I installed them. One note: they currently come with 400 MaH batteries. I was not aware you could even find batteries with such a low rating, but here they are. I have replaced the battery in one unit with an 800 MaH battery so I can see if this makes any difference. One night's usage only seemed to deplete 80 MaH so hopefully the solar charger will keep up.

I live in Minnesota so I don't expect these to work in the winter and I will probably remove the heads for the season. So far, after a week, all are working through the night.

great yard light
Mine have been going steady for over a year. Shining away every night summer and winter with ice on them. One got hit by a weedeater and broke the clear plastic on one side but the weather (and rainbirds) never seem to bother it. I had some from a big box store and the slightest rain had them all shut down for a week and now they are all dead permanently, insufficient solar cell area on those, Moonrays are made to work.
Pretty night lights
These night lights are small but shine a pretty light along the faux creek-bed in the back yard. Don't think lights, think fireflies, and you'll get the size right. One star off because the stakes are a bit short (IMHO) and the lights are SO small. For the price, these are a great buy, though, and they add a sort of fairy-land charm to the yard.

Setup was easy and quick. With a day's charge, the lights stay on sunset to sunrise. Silly as it is, my favorite thing is to watch them flicker on as evening falls.

My box came with ten lights but only eight stakes. I requested the missing two stakes by email from Moonrays (3 weeks ago) but have not yet received them.

Nice little lights
Bought these from Amazon two weeks ago but only put them up this past weekend. Very fast shipping (as always) from Amazon and had them within two days of my order. Opened the box right away to look at them and was impressed how the Moonrays box had the individual tops pacakged inside to prevent breakage.

As I was placing them this weekend along my front stone path there were two things I noticed. For one, the plastic is very light and seems fragile to me. I don't know how well these will hold up, but they look pretty good for now.
The second thing was the length of the stake at the bottom. It was probably a little over 4" long, which was good because they should stick in the ground fairly well. The hardest part was trying to keep all the lights even with each other and keep them straight as I lightly hammered them into the ground. (*Note: Hammer the stakes into the first, them attach the tops. Don't try to hammer them with the tops on. Duh)

Out of the package, I only found one light that was dim...possibly a bad battery or just needed to be recharged. But I used 8 of the 10 for my path and, so far, they have been great. They light up well enough to see the stepping stones but not overly bright. They just seem to bring a touch of class to the front of my house at night, which was all that I wanted.

Overall, very pleased with this product. Took off 1 star for the 1 dim light and the flimsiness of the plastic.

Worked straight out of the box
These lights worked straight out of the box and kept on working until they switched off at daybreak.
They've been in the garden since then, and seem to be reliable so far.
I would have preferred a little more light and a little less on-time, but they do seem to be a fair deal.
Minor quibbles would be about the instructions which were written to cover three widely differing models and so tended to be slightly less than straightforward. The spikes were cleverly hidden inside the stands and had to be fished out, which was not mentioned anywhere that I could find (but then I did dump the instructions pretty early in the game).
All in all a nice birthday present for the wife.

Great looking lights, at a great price
I ordered this product Wednesday night, and was amazed that Amazon was able to get it to my house Friday morning with Free Saver shipping! Lights were packaged neatly.

The product itself is a great buy. There are 10 lights that are extremely simple to assemble and install... my 5 year old son had no problems helping me put these up along our walkway. There are basically three simple steps to putting these lights together. Put the stakes in the ground, attach the lights to the stakes, and remove little plastic tabs from battery slot in order to start the charging and use of the batteries.

The design, made from all plastic, is very sturdy and has an elegant look to it.

I put the lights up outside around 1pm today, and it was fairly cloudy. That being said... once the sun went down, all 10 lights lit up and looks great along my walkway. The LEDs let off a nice blueish white light.

Overall, I am extremely pleased with the lights, and the job Amazon did shipping the product.

good and cheap solar lights
I wanted some cheap solar light tolight up my yard without adding to my electricity bill. I ordered these on 12/13/09 and received them after three days in good conditions (it was a rainy day here), even when the box was sitting outside my house. I never have trouble in receiving anything from amazon shipping has been fast always. right now they are sitting on my kitchen counter fully assembled and tested.
about the lights:
1 yes they are cheap even compared to biglots
2. construction is plastic from a distance does not feel cheap.
3. I received all the lights ie 10 of them nothing missing
4. the solar panel probably is amorphous silicon which are not very efficient in converting light to electricity. nicely sealed from the inside that poses the problem of water seeping into the sides of the exposed panel may be lead to shorting later on (not sure about this)
5. the batteries are 600mAH 1.2 V NiCad
6. one of the poster commented on the stands beign very fragile. In my view they are designed for holding these lamps and does the job well. however how they are going to hold these lamps in rains and winds time will tell.
some of the lights i received the sensor was kind of smudged though it worked even in presence of the fluorescent light, so it will definitely work in sunlight. with my experiment in presence of fluorescent light i am thinking that they may not work in my front yard because of the street light in my front yard. as one poster mentioned that the led's are not bright which is true anyways.
The lights are very simple in construction and I hope that no one should have any problem in modding them to their taste in fact these are the best ones for modding. i will try to replace these leds with yellow ones in some of them to have a feel of warmth instead of the white light. I will add a red led on one of them and place it on my mail box, the neighbours may get a kick out of it. I will update this post after the experimentation later on.